Coffeyville Has Fall Sports Banquet

Coffeyville Has Fall Sports Banquet

The fall sports banquet was held last night at 6pm in the cafe. The room was was decorated nicely, tables were set perfectly, and the food was great , it was set to be a great night honoring our Red Raven teams. In attendance was the Men's and Women's soccer team, the Football team, and the Volleyball team. Each coach gave thanks to the Athletic Director, The Marketing Office, Their Coaching staff, and most importantly their families. After giving their shoutouts and appreciations coaches followed up with their awards on the season.

Coach Shicke of the soccer team kicked it off with their awards first. They started with their All Conference awards. For the Men Oluwaseun Koya received the First Team award, and Bruno Maurillo Conceicao received the Second Team award . For the Women there were five honored. The first award was given to Christine Kagonya Kitaru who was the only first team selection on the team out of the five. The four other women who received awards were Gabriela Rodrigues, Karrianne Rodriguez,Ashley Talley, and Kayli Fenoglio all were Second Team selections for the Red Ravens. All conference awards were followed by team awards., starting with the men. Dillion Van Rensburg received the "Brooke Smith Battler Award". Luis Lescure received the "Smash Award". Eian Haislett received "Most Improved Player". Seun Koya received "Most Valuable Player". For the women, Karrianne Rodriguez received the "Brooke Smith Battler Award". Ashley Talley received the "Smash Award". Cheyenne Gardner received the "Most Improved Player Award". Christine Kitaru received the "Most Valuable Player Award".

Next was football their awards were given out by Head Coach Aaron Flores. They started with All Conference awards. Markquese Bell,Andre Thomas-Cobb,and Kaleb Pipes all received the first team all conference award. Malik Smith,Kendric Jones,Finley Felix,and McArthur Burnett all received second team all conference. The next awards that were announced were the Honorable Mentions.players received these awards, Jonathan Buskey,Kenneth Mouton,Zach Terry, Brion Murray,Troy Simon.Jomaious Williams. Lastly they announced their team awards. Noah Alexander received the"Tim Cook Memorial Award". Zach Terry received the "Barbara Jean Pendleton Scholarship". Jake Lassiter received the "Karl Wilson Award". Peyton Usher Pearson received the "Nolan Luhn Award". Jomaious Williams received the "Reb Russell Memorial Football Scholarship Award". Kenneth Moutor received the Pete Peltzer "Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award". Markquese Bell received "Most Valuable Player". Marco Lee received "Outstanding Freshman". Jaden Gardner received the "Mikal Cromartie Memorial Award". Devunte Dawson received the "Ethean Johnson Memorial Scholarship". Andre Cobb received the "Cliff Long Award". Finley Felix received the "Clarke Bumgarner Memorial Award". Alvinoski Lafleur received the "Hall of Fame Award", and lastly Deshawn Massey received the" Presidents Trophy".

The back to back National Champions finished up the night with their awards. Head Coach Delice Downing awarded the ladies starting with thier Conference awards. Dekyra Dennis,Adianez Reyes Rivera,Seliann Concepcion Rodriguez all received first team all conference awards. Bailee Ulery was the only second team all conference recipient. The second award given out was honorable Mention received by Erianna Murray. Lastly for the conference awards, Adianez Rivera Reyes received Most Valuable Player. Next was the All-District awards,Dekyra Dennis,Adianez Reyes Rivera,Seliann Concepcion Rodriguez all received first team. Bailee Ulery and Erianna Murray both received second team. After district awards were given All American Awards were given out. We had 3 women who finished as All-Americans, Dekyra Dennis,Adianez Reyes Rivera,Seliann Concepcion Rodriguez. For their team awards, Bailee Ulery received the "Team Leader Award" award. Danielle Dodgers received the "Teams Work Horse Award". Erianna Murray received the "Most Improved Player Award". Adianez Reyes Rivera received the teams "Most Valuable Player Award".

The Banquet turned out to be a complete success. Congratulations to all the Students Athletes whose hard work paid off. Continue to Fly High Ravens!